Important information about the Quiz!

You are about to play our PubQuiz.
Read this page with instructions carefully and share this page (along with the game code at the bottom of your email) with the other players. 
Don't try the game code (spelcode in Dutch) in advance. Once you have logged in with that game code, it will only be valid for the next 6 hours, after that time the code will be invalid. If someone logs in and starts the Quiz before all other teams are logged in, the Quiz will be closed for new players and a login isn't possible anymore.
For a good start of the PubQuiz, follow the next steps accurately and at the same time as the other teams:
1. Make sure your web browser is up-to-date and that you are not surfing in private or incognito mode.
2. Go to www.magnagames.nl
3. Enter a Team Name
4. Enter your email
5. Enter the game code (spelcode in Dutch, you can find the code at the bottom of our e-mail)
6. Click on 'Start'
7. An introduction video starts with some information about the Quiz, watch this video!
8. When the video ends: click 'next' ("verder" in Dutch)
9. You will see "your team name" on the screen and below your name, you can see the other teams that are already logged in.
10. WAIT in this team-screen until you see every team that is going to play this Quiz with you. If you click 'start' before you see all teams, then the Quiz starts, but the login-possibility closes. This means the other players that are not logged in yet, won't be able to join you anymore. So please wait :)
Warning: you can't go back to the question, if you try to go back, there is the possibility that de Quiz crashes, so please don't try to go back.
If a team doesn't answer at all (because they want to quit or something has happened), you can decide as a group to remove them from the game. After 5 minutes of inactivity in the waiting-screen, you will see a pop-up with the question if you want to remove 'TEAM X' from the game. If you click 'yes', that team will be removed and won't be able to join in anymore.
Another advice: Some people browse in incognito mode or in private mode. We strongly advise you to not browse in such kind of mode. Why? When your device is out of power, temporarily crashes or you accidentally quit the tab with our Quiz, you won't be able to join in anymore, because the website will not remember you. So please don't surf incognito/private.
When something goes wrong, we have got a Dutch help-page (soon also in English): www.onlinepubquizzen.nl/pages/help 


It is fun to be connected to the other teams. Try to get in touch via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp etc., but do this on another device than the device you are playing the Quiz on. So the audio of the Quiz and the Videocall don't get mixed up or muted.


You have to keep score for Quizzes with open Questions, so make sure you have a pen and paper or another way to keep score. Have you ordered an ABCD-Quiz? Then the system keeps score of your points!
As soon as you activate the game code, you will have 6 hours to play the Quiz.
We wish you a lot of fun playing this PubQuiz!