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Onze PubQuiz Algmeen 1 in het Engels gesproken

  • - Zie elkaars antwoorden LIVE
  • - Speel tegen je eigen vrienden, collega's of familie
  • - Bepaal zelf wanneer en hoe laat je wilt starten
  • - Spelcode ontvang je DIRECT na afrekenen per e-mail

Let op: Alleen teams binnen één bestelling spelen tegen elkaar. Wil je dus met 4 teams tegen elkaar spelen, kies dan hieronder voor 4 teams!

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What is a Team?

A team can be 1 persoon or multiple persons playing together on 1 device (laptop, tablet, phone, etc.) A team always gives one answer together. So, it is up to you: Do you want to play alone and beat your friends, family or collegeas or do you play in couples or with multiple persons as a team against each other... It is all possible! 
TIP: Only teams within one order play against each other. So, do you wanna Quiz with 4 teams, choose '4 teams' when buying your Online PubQuiz! 

The Quiz

This Quiz is the same Quiz as the Dutch version 'Algemeen 1'. We have changed a couple of the questions, so there aren't difficult questions about Dutch artists, but this Quiz is a little more general and internationally oriented. The difficulty of the questions varies, because everybody should have a good time playing this PubQuiz. There are easy questions, more difficult questions and questions you actually know and are on the tip of your tongue but sometimes just don't come to your mind.

There are 8 rounds with 10 questions.  

  • Photo Round(s)
  • Theme-Questions Round(s) (about 1 specific subject)
  • Music Round(s)
  • General Questions Rounds

Quiz directly after you order online!

As soon as you have ordered and payed the Online PubQuiz, you will receive an automatic e-mail with a unique code and an explanation of the Quiz and website where you can log-in to play the Quiz against the other teams. You can start Quizzing in just 10 minutes! 

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